brandie posey

Epstein’s suicide saved my marriage.

opinion Cave debuted at #1 on itunes & #12 on billboard comedy!

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She's been described as a "Riot Grrl on Acid" - Brandie Posey is a fearless, energetic & hilarious powerhouse comedian for the ages. Her debut album is the world's first look at what the underground Los Angeles comedy scene has already known for years.

Brandie Posey is a comedian. This is a comedy album. You like comedy. What the fuck is your problem anyways? Just fucking listen to it and start thinking for yourself you piece of shit. You’re whats wrong with this country. Brandie is an artist. She’s whats right with it.
— Rory Scovel (Ground Floor, Conan)
F*cking Phenomenal… Brandie is so cool & so funny… She is an amazing comedian & a quality human being.
— The Nerdist Podcast
On every track of her album there was one amazing joke that was everything that you wanted - it was smarter, and sillier and more twisted, [but] from a genuine place - she reminds me of us.
— Jackie Kashian & Laurie Kilmartin, The Jackie & Laurie Show
Huddled in the back of comic shop in Ventura about an hour north of Los Angeles, punk rock comedian Brandie Posey... proceeded to make magic while she recorded her debut comedy album. Whether she was repping the Mighty Ducks, adding herself to the notable alumni section on her high school’s Wikipedia, or discussing how the Quaid brothers relate to political parties in this country, Posey’s stories are equally an intimate affair and a pure riot. Being there I felt like I was in on one of the raddest secrets in comedy, but I know that even more people will know Brandie Posey soon enough when the album drops in 2016. I can’t wait to relive it.
She is an amazing comedic voice. She is really smart & powerful & a fearless performer. I remember seeing her when she was just a little girl starting out in stand up... There’s that thing when a comic can make you feel comfortable, when a comic can make you feel protected, like they’re in charge... they’ve got the show under control. And when I saw her & she had been doing comedy for less than a year she knew how to give me that feeling.
— Guy Branum, Pop Rocket