brandie posey

Epstein’s suicide saved my marriage.

Every four years, comedians write tons of topical jokes that by Election Day become rancid pumpkins. This year 23 comedians in Los Angeles decided to put those rotting bits to good use by recording an album, dropping it on Election Day & donating all proceeds to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) because Donald Trump would probably hate that. 

Recorded moments after the Cubs won the World Series at a house party show in Los Angeles "Burn This Election" is a time capsule comedy album. Crystalizing one of the strangest moments in recent American History, some of LA's rising comedy stars blow off much needed steam by slinging their election material one last merciful time. May these jokes be as cathartic to you as they are to us. To date, #BurnThisElection has raised over $2500 for RAINN.


Released November 8, 2016

Recorded By Tony Thaxton
Mixed By Kailynn West
Produced By Brandie Posey
Album Artwork By Sean Keeton